Who we are

Systematica Mobility Thinklab - MLab in short - is a consulting company that provides a full range of services in the field of transport planning, logistics, land-use planning and urban planning as well as in the field of innovative, sustainable transport systems.
MLab combines extensive expertise in the field of transport with great attention to environmental sustainability, technological innovation and economic efficiency. MLab's consultants are engineers who have gained worldwide experience in the field of transport as well as great energy, dynamism and a strong attitude to problem solving.

Systematica Mobility ThinkLab (MLab) was founded as a spinoff of Systematica, a Company with over 20 years of experience in the fields of urban and transport planning. While acquiring independence, MLab and Systematica maintain partnership and close cooperation and continue to work together in several projects and initiatives.

What we do

MLab provides a full range of consulting activities in the field of transport, land-use planning, management and financial-economic feasibility of transport systems and in the design of innovative transport systems. MLab provides specialized consulting and planning, assists the public administrations in the assessment of transport strategies and in finding solutions for sustainable mobility